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Book 2 of The Gem Series

Corsets are out. Freedom is in. The 20s are roaring! Movies are silent and Hollywood is shaping American culture.


From coast to coast young girls like Heather Smith dream of becoming a movie star. One day, two men filming a Western film near San Angelo, Texas come to Pearl’s Parlor for some fun. Is this Heather’s big chance?


Stories of some of the iconic historical figures will astound you, including:

  • Wyatt Earp
  • Mae West
  • Charlie Chaplin

Diamond reminds us that when we remove the glitzy, glamour smoky mirrors, it is our human nature that makes us all the same.

“I LOVE IT Cynthia! You are an amazing writer. Diamond has true historical places, content and characters, sexy romance without cheap tacky details and easy to follow sentence structure. You don’t write to impress just the literary geniuses. You write a book to tell a beautiful story with history, romance, comedy, enough mystery and intrigue to keep the reader awake and turning the pages. Each book gives just enough background to stand alone but not enough to stop after just one book. The readers will want to read them all. Bravo again!”



Diamond (The Gem Series Book 2)

“Fascinating sequel to Pearl. Another great book from an amazing Texas author.”



Diamond (The Gem Series Book 2)

“I have a Bachelor’s in English and Psychology, as well as a Masters in Education. As an avid researcher and love of Romantic 1800 English Literature, Mrs. Jordan’s historical novels were fascinating for me.”



The Gem Series

“It is a wonderfully written story. I am from San Angelo, and my family experienced many of the things that happened. My Grandmother was considered a wanton woman, and had quite a story to tell herself. I have a beautiful photo of her from 1920. I really enjoyed the story. Thank You Cynthia for bringing it to life in a graceful manner!”



Diamond (The Gem Series Book 2)

The Gem Series

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From ragtime and waltzes, to boogies and blues, this musical has it all. Wait until you hear the Ballad of Miss Suzy Pootang that tells the true story of a Chinese courtesan who worked in Chicago in 1902.