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Welcome to the creative website of Cynthia Jordan! You are in for a real treat, as this site is home to decades of Cynthia’s creative works spanning multiple genres.

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Collaboration & Licensing

Cynthia has composed music in multiple different genres spanning several industries. She loves creative projects and is always open to collaborate. Need help with a song or jingle? Need an entire soundtrack or orchestration for a film or stageplay? Cynthia can help!

Live Music Entertainment

Cynthia can play just about any lick. Have an audience request songs, tell her what genre you’d like performed, or hear her own original works. This writer of the 1983 #1 country song of the year, José Cuervo (You Are a Friend of Mine) always shows her audiences a good time.

Speeches & Workshops

Cynthia has a passion for speaking to audiences about the power of music. One of her popular keynotes is called, “Music: The Powerful Soul-ution.” She always leaves audiences with smiles on their faces and empowering tools to live a happy, fulfilling life.

The Musical Journey of Cynthia Jordan

“I call myself a storyteller because I write books and songs and inspire audiences with music, workshops and keynote speeches. I began my musical career by writing the 1983 #1 country song of the year, José Cuervo (you are a friend of mine). From there, my musical journey has blossomed into multiple genres. Click the button below to experience my musical journey in timeline and story form with fun photos while learning about all I have to offer!”

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Live Entertainment

Cynthia's Latest Production

Pearl The Musical

From ragtime and waltzes, to boogies and blues, this musical has it all. Wait until you hear the Ballad of Miss Suzy Pootang that tells the true story of a Chinese courtesan who worked in Chicago in 1902.