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Peaceful Journey

Intermediate level sheet music for piano. Read the song list below for more information on the backstory to each piece of sheet music or listen to the accompanying CD Peaceful Journey with an All Access Pass.


Peaceful Journey is a compilation of songs from The Journey Series.

A Mother’s Heart
This melody is an expression of my intimate understanding of motherhood. I wrote it in the spirit of my grandmother, Tita.


Autumn Equinox

I wrote this piece one morning in October, while watching brilliant, colored leaves fall to the ground.



Encantada is the Spanish word for enchanted. The beauty of the ocean inspired this composition. Like a beautiful woman, her cycles are determined by sister moon and her depth holds mysterious secrets known only to her heart.


Fiona’s Dream

Fiona’s Dream, was inspired by a fictional character in Morgan Llewelyn’s, Lion of Ireland, the story of Brian Boru. In the book Fiona was a woman from the old religion who held magical powers. It is dedicated to the quiet strength of all women.


Quiet Journey

This melody is an invitation for you to go on a peaceful journey within your mind. Remember that everyday has the potential of unlimited possibilities!


First Light of Dawn

Every day brings a fresh, new beginning and there is always the unlimited potential for anything to happen. The brilliant colors of the dawn are like fire in the sky and the beauty seems to hold a soft powerful energy. I get a secure feeling that says, “life goes on” as I watch the darkness fade away and the brilliant sun shine through, to light the new day.


Great Glen

As I wrote this piece, I imagined myself on the Highlands of Scotland. I saw a young beautiful lass singing as she gathered wild flowers on the hillside. A young man sitting on a white steed was watching her from his view on the hill. His heart was full as he looked upon the fair maiden. The magic of imagination can take you to any time or place.



As I created this piece, I imagined myself in the 11th century, as a lady in the king’s court, celebrating with dining and dancing within the stonewalls of Kincora, as the Shannon River flowed nearby, singing her song.



Sagesse is the French word for “wisdom.” Old things are beautiful because they seem to possess a quiet knowing.



Native Americans think of Sedona, Arizona as a place of magical power. Its beautiful desert landscape is decorated with deep reds and rich earth colors, giving it a spiritual ambience. Many people visit Sedona in the search of spiritual enlightenment and healing. It is one the most beautiful places I have ever seen on earth.



Serena is the Latin word for serenity. Is there a place you know that when you are there you feel a soft sense of peace and tranquility? Maybe it’s a memory from your childhood. I invite you to go there in your mind as you play this melody.


The Emerald Valley

When I think of the Misty Isles I cannot help but envision a deep color of emerald green. I am in awe of nature when I witness the view of a beautiful green valley from the mountains above. Green is the color of the earth’s abundance and all the gifts she gives.


The Shannon

The Shannon is the main river that flows through Ireland. The ancient Celts threw their treasures in rivers as a gift of thanksgiving for nurturing their crops. An old Irish lullaby is woven into the arrangement because I think of rivers as singing a song of peace.


Vernal Equinox

The Vernal equinox is the day that marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring. It is an exciting and beautiful time of year as the dormant awakes into pastels and deep greens and the creative cycle of life renews itself once again.



This composition is a tribute to the “Santiago,” also known as the El Camino, a road known as a spiritual pilgrimage in the countryside of Spain. For hundreds of years, walk the Santiago to closer connect with God.

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Quiet Journey CD

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Quiet Journey CD

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Quiet Journey CD

“Beautiful, peaceful music–this is a “one of a kind” CD. Each instrumental is calming and may be used as background music while reading, centering, etc. Wonderful!!!”



Celtic Journey CD

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Quiet Journey CD

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Quiet Journey CD