If This Was Heaven…

I know several people who have had an experience of dying and lived to tell about it. All of them saw a glorious light. Maybe that is a preview to coming attractions. What happens after the tunnel? What would you see? Who and what did our loved ones who have transcended to heaven see?


Maybe when Jesus said, “on earth as it is in heaven,” he was talking about those glorious moments of life when we experience euphoria, joy, peace and love right here and now. IF THIS WAS HEAVEN… is about recognizing those glorious moments of bliss and celebrating them with appreciation and gratitude.


I believe that God created this beautiful world for us to be joyful. It is up to us to discover our “heaven on earth.” I have written 100 short stories and each one ends with the phrase, “If this was heaven it would be just fine.” 

“Such a nice book to read very positive. Love it next to my bedside.”



If This Was Heaven